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Three Men & Adena

HOMICIDE of the day! The staggering conclusion of the series’ best episode and one of the greatest hours of drama you’ll ever see.

MUST VIEWING with the 5 preceding parts prevented all this week…



While searching for other opinions more than ours we came across a review written by Ed Gonzalez for Slant Website, that really expresses what we wanted to say about this movie:

"If not the greatest western ever made, McCabe & Mrs. Miller could be the most authentic representation of wilderness life ever put on screen. If the film feels like it’s never really about any one thing, it’s because Altman wants it to be about everything. The director displays a love for his characters here that never compromises his signature and often criticized objectivity. Like all great Altman films, the only way to enter McCabe & Mrs. Miller is by eavesdropping on the film’s text via Altman’s familiar use of zoom and overlapping dialogue.”

It’s really a great movie especially for the great songs by Leonard Cohen that mixed with the images beautifully captured like the one above turns the viewer into a man or woman who live in that same town just watching everything. This perspective can only be achieved by the director’s perspective about the film merely observational - for example expressed in the travellings / tracking shots and zooms of certain objects or faces (expressions).

This perspective is confirmed by the way the end of the movie is filmed because really in the final moments (when Butler shoots McCabe) we are not close to the main character, in fact this scene is intercalated with the church fire, and all is seen regarding a certain distance. That’s why the movie’s finale is so good.

Great acting from Warren Beatty and Julie Christie, although Beatty’s character is far more interesting because on the contrary of the majority of westerns he’s not the typical hero, he’s more like an anti-hero because he isn’t a gunfighter, in fact like Butler says: “That man never killed anyone in his life.”

"McCabe and Mrs. Miller" (1971) directed by Robert Altman

Favorite characters: John McCabe portrayed by Warren Beatty and Butler portrayed by Hugh Millais

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